Studio at Southend.
Residences curated by Studio Sorted's architects,
tailored to enrich your lived experiences.

build your home with us
We don’t see residences separate from their people. A home is your life’s journal,
and we build it page by page.
Three pillars that guide our process.

User research

We begin by understanding your vision and the site context. Through propriety workshops with you and your family, we curate conceptual directions that guides us to an effective, and pragmatic design process.

Architectural Design

Embracing the power of playful design and backed by user research, we craft experiences that resonate deeply with your family and site context. We're fast to fail and relentless in iterating towards the perfect output.


We take great care in coordinating with a team of specialists. Guided by precise delivery, transparent communication and quality supervision, this is where our design ideas are brought to fruition.
Brief building, Design concept, User journey
Layout building, Interiors, 3D visualization
Quantity survey, Working drawings, PMC
End-to-End is the perfect beginning.
At Southend Studio, we don’t just treat your home like a page on our portfolio, but an heirloom for us to carry. Let us show you our work, and we can take it from there.
Flowing with the go.
Ideas are ever-changing, and nothing is set in stone until it’s finished. We understand that.
That is why we work closely with our clients.
The idea of your perfect home isn’t an individual, but a team effort.
thotti mane courtyard view
puja room view inside