Lattice 264(WIP)

Architectural design for a residence in Devanahalli

Architecture, Interior design
Year to be completed: 2025
A house for a progressive family that is close-knit, jolly, and loves to celebrate with loved ones over a meal. Our design brief called for a 4-bedroom house with multipurpose spaces that challenge traditional notions of a home. The home incorporates a porous steel structure with plenty of windows and skylights to let in natural light and fresh air. The house is situated on a forest-facing plot and is perfect for hosting gatherings or as an Airbnb.
Brief and architectural program
Our clients, a jolly family, approached us with a unique design brief - to create a home that could accommodate their family, serve as an Airbnb rental, and host gatherings and parties. They wanted a space that was open, airy, and designed to foster togetherness and connection. With a focus on functionality, versatility, and modern aesthetics, we set out to create a home that would meet their unique needs.
Design Strategy
The house is designed as a porous steel structure that offers plenty of natural light and ventilation. The central staircase serves as the heart of the home, connecting all floors and creating a sense of flow and movement throughout the space. This custom staircase is designed by Ranjith Wijegunasekara, a renowned Sri Lankan structural engineer. This floating staircase features a steel structure and is suspended to allow for the spaces underneath to be used and experienced. It not only enhances functionality but also serves as a sculptural centerpiece of the house.

The multipurpose rooms are designed to be flexible, accommodating the family's needs and allowing for easy entertaining. The balconies and terraces are strategically placed to take advantage of the stunning forest views and create inviting outdoor spaces.

A home for the modern times
Our steel-structured house with brick infill offers the perfect blend of modern living and comfort. With its unique design and versatile spaces, it is an ideal home for a close-knit family that loves to entertain. The ample light and ventilation create a healthy and vibrant living environment that promotes well-being and happiness. The central staircase, balconies, and terraces create inviting spaces for people to gather, connect, and celebrate. Whether you're enjoying a cozy family dinner or hosting a lively party, this home is designed to foster togetherness, joy, and a sense of community.
Resting spaces with a view
Our design approach focuses on blending modern aesthetics with comfort, ensuring each bedroom is a restful retreat. Natural light, spacious layouts, and high-quality finishes are integral to these rooms, making them perfect for relaxation.Additionally, the bedrooms are designed to accommodate remote work and can double as a guest house. This versatile design allows for customisation while remaining practical for various uses, including renting out as an Airbnb.
Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilwala, Rahul Chandrashekar, Sandra George
Project Management: Aishwarya Patil