Villa Copperpod (WIP)

A weekend home at Eagleton Golf Village, Bidadi, India

Architecture, Interior design, Turnkey project management
Site dimensions: 75' x 100'
Built up area:
4200 sft
Bidadi, Karnataka
Construction ongoing
Year: 2023-24
Architecture and interior design for a weekend retreat home in the serene surroundings of Eagleton golf resort, Bidadi. This contemporary home showcases beautiful courtyards, semi-open spaces, and ample natural light for a refreshing and rejuvenating getaway from city life.
The site

Situated in a gated community on the outskirts of Bangalore, the orthogonal site faces its front to the North east direction. With four teak trees at its back, a big neem trees on its side, and a copperpod tree at its front, the site provides opportunity to create liberal front and backyard spaces.

Diagramming & sketches
Sketching is an essential part of the architectural design process, allowing designers to explore ideas and create a visual language that guides the project's development. Sketching freely, enables us to understand the spatial connection between different spaces, the context in which the project sits, and provides an informed basis for design deliberations and the resultant architecture. By using sketching as a key tool in the design process, we can create architecture that respects tradition while embracing modernity and sustainability.
Visualisation & moodboarding
Massing explorations

A plan scheme with a network of courtyards, balconies and enclosed atria, the massing models play an important role in our understanding of how the plans position themselves in 3D and in the context of the site.
Options 'H' and Option 'K'

Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilawala, Rahul Chandrashekar, Abhishek Durani, Supreeth Suresh
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