Coconut Grove House (WIP)

(WIP) Farmhouse in a verdant coconut farm near Kanakapura village

Architecture, interior design
Carpet area: 2400 sft
Location: Kanakapura village, Karnataka
Status: Design stage
Year: 2023
A quaint and laidback weekend retreat in Kanakapura village, designed with traditional Karnataka architecture and local materials, The Coconut Grove House seamlessly blends with the lush coconut plantation and fruiting and flowering trees surrounding it. The interior design is simple yet elegant, with a focus on comfort and recreation. The Coconut Grove House is a tranquil oasis in the outskirts of Bangalore, offering a perfect escape from the city's chaos and a chance to relax and rejuvinate.
The Site
The Coconut Grove House is situated in the thriving farmland of Kanakapura village, Bangalore, surrounded by a lush coconut plantation and an array of fruiting and flowering trees. The farmhouse is home to a farm dog, a few cows, turkey, and chicken, creating a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. The site allows for a serene and tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, which we envision as The Coconut Grove House-a perfect getaway and sustainable and slow living in the heart of farmland.
The Design
The Coconut Grove house is a sustainable farmhouse designed with a traditional touch. The load-bearing structure is inspired by the local architecture of Karnataka and features elements such as the Jagli Katte and Angla, which add an old-world charm to this contemporary retreat. Built using local materials such as Kadapa stones, oxide flooring, and Betham Cherla stones, the farmhouse boasts ample ventilation and natural light. The interior design is simple yet elegant, with a focus on comfort and relaxation. The design incorporates sustainable architecture principles, allowing natural ventilation and optimizing the use of natural resources. It is set to be completed in monsoon this year and is the perfect weekend home to enjoy the lush farmland, coconut plantation, and the company of farm animals.
Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilawala, Aishwarya Patil
Construction: Narayan M.C
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