Casa Citrine(WIP)

Interior design for a 3BHK Apartment in Bangalore

Architecture, Interior design
Year to be completed: 2024
A house for a progressive family that is dynamic, passionate and loved by a happy, energetic dog. Our design brief called for an existing 3-bedroom apartment to be revamped to match the vibe of this vibrant family. With an attached T shaped terrace, the home incorporates an interesting play of spaces-right from a party friendly semi open space, to an eclectic prayer niche.
Brief and architectural program
Our clients, a progressive and jolly family, approached us with a unique design brief - to create a home that could accommodate their family, hobbies, and host gatherings and parties. They wanted a space that was open, airy, and designed to foster togetherness and connection. With a focus on functionality, versatility, and a home that is a representation of their 'personal culture', the house is coming together as a true reflection of the family's personality.
Kitchen Design
Architects: Netra Ajjampur, Murtaza Dhilwala, Rahul Chandrashekar, Anuj Dogne
Project Management: Aishwarya Patil
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